My Weekly planner…

I like things quite organised and I mean ‘organised’ apart from the fact that my room is a mess, yh. I love the whole colour-coding thing, especially with colour coding my assignments and chapters from books with little sticky notes and arrows. Anywho, enough with my jibber jabber.

I was on Amazon for the past few weeks and came across a wall planner. By wall planner, I mean one of those calender’s where it has spaces for you to write things down, like deadlines and appointments. You know? one of those things? So I did go ahead and purchase it because I thought, Why not? So yes I did go and buy it because I like things organised. tee hee.

I’ve attached an image of what I’m talking about, incase you thought I was just rambling about and didn’t actually buy the product. yh.


So here is my review, which was what I was supposed to post like 2 weeks ago. Yes I procrastinate. need I say more.

This is pretty much a calendar and is rather self-explanatory in terms of what it is and what to use it for. I received it in a yellow envelope packaging and the item itself was wrapped up separately in clear material. The calendar itself is red and on the back of the calendar is all the months and dates of the year making it easier to see what month it is and making it easier to tick off the dates.

When opening the calendar to locate what month you are on, it’s easy to find it and there are blank rectangle spaces next to each day of the month which is really handy for writing down notices and deadlines for exams and coursework. I use those blank spaces for coursework deadlines and also use those spaces to write down when my swimming sessions are and when my library books are due.

So this makes things more organised and helps me to meet my deadlines and tick off each deadline once it’s done, which feels rewarding. Again, it’s a simple calendar with spaces for you to write important things down and is really good for families as every event that may occur can easily be written down as a way to reminder when something is needed to do be done or is a way for remember an appointment or a wedding and so on. Overall, it’s a great buy and I encourage potential buyers to really have a look at this product and buy it because it’s a life saver and is worth the cash.

I’ve now included another image of the spaces in which I would put the deadline and important appointments, etc.


Mind you, this isn’t my picture because I didn’t take this photo. you are probably wondering why. I’m a fat shit, I cba getting up and taking a photo of my damn calendar so I provided one by the seller ‘himself’. Thanks claris.

P.S. be sure to stay tuned for my next review on the stay pep collagen renew day cream sachets.

That’s about it about my review but what I will say is I have received this item at a discount or sometimes for free in return for a review. The opinions given are purely my own and are in no way, shape or form biased in regards to how my opinion comes across to potential buyers.



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