Makeup look- How I cover dark circles

In today’s blog post, I will be showing you how I cover my dark circles with makeup and this may give you some ideas of what you can do if you have dark circles and have a hard time covering them up.

To begin with I first use my Simply sensitive Hydrating Eye cream with aloe vera. Now, I apply this all around my eye because it works as great as a primer and is a good base to begin with. It also soothes the skin around the eyes too and this is really good for the skin under the eye because this is quite delicate and thin so protecting the under eye is key.

So once I’ve applied the eye cream, I will wait for the eye cream to develop and settle into my skin before I apply my next product. It’s best to wait for the base to settle before applying any product over it otherwise, both products will mix together and become really oily which isn’t the consistency that you want and will make the whole look of the dark circles itself more prominent.

The next thing I do is I apply my NYX Orange corrector/ Concealer. This corrector is very popular amongst social media and has been quite the news. So I went ahead to go and purchase it but it was difficult to obtain so I managed to get it off Ebay from an International seller. Although It was a bit more pricier, I think it was worth buying it because it’s the kind of orange thats needed to counteract the dark shadow under the eye. If you have a bluey, purpley undertone then it’s best to go for a peachy or orange concealer/corrector as this counteracts the colour of your dark circle. But if you have a more green or yellow/green undertone then it’s best to go for a red concealer.

This colour wheel can help you to know how to counteract and cover your dark circles as you use the opposite end for what colour you need to cover it with. For example, if your dark circles fall into the cold end then you would use the warmer end colours to cover your dark circles with and vice versa.

.Picture 7Picture 8


applied corrector 2applied corrector

In these images I’ve applied the Nyx orange corrector.

Again I’ve waited a few minutes to let the corrector set before I go ahead and apply my next product.

The next product I apply is my Maybelline Instant anti age eraser eye. I put it on in a triangular position and put on a generous amount before blending it in. I first use the flat blush to pat it in around the eye and then use a damp sponge to stipple in the concealer really well.

Picture 11.jpg

20160407_213915Picture 10flat brush.jpg

And that’s it really, The eye look is complete.



Thanks for reading and keep a look out for my next blog post. Take care.


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