First impressions…

I have finally received the products and I’m ready to give you the lowdown on what the products look like etc.


To purchase

For a product which is retailed at the normal price of £49.95 and on sale for £19.97, it’s a bit on the expensive side as the packaging is plastic and rather the cheap kind of plastic. I was expecting more for a product at the price of £19.97 but that’s not all that I didn’t like. the colour of the packaging is red which symbolises the mask of having the ingredient Rose mask but the packaging is too simple.

It contains:

Rose extract

Aloe vera


Vitamin C

Hydraulic acid

It also contains Glycerin

It was the first time I’ve ever come across a product from InstaNatural and I’m glad I did because this rose mask is divine. The packaging itself is very simple and the pot is clear with red colour across the brand name and the product name representing the colour of a red rose.  The product itself is a sort of brownish colour and for a mask it’s sort of runny and reminds me a lot like honey apart from the fact that the rose scent from the mask is so heavenly. I’m in love with the scent because it’s just so nice and makes me feel as though I should use this mask all the time. Although I wouldn’t recommend the use of it all the time but rather at most, once a day or once every few days will be enough. Also when it came to applying the mask onto my face, it wasn’t oily nor did it feel too runny but felt like the right consistency to stick well onto the face. So once I had applied it onto my face with my hands, I then kept the mask on for 15 minutes and I started to feel my skin tingling around my nose and on my cheeks where I have some redness and within a few minutes, my skin had completely drunk the mask. There was so mask in sight. I was astonished. I had assumed that my skin would feel tight or it would be prominent that it could be seen but it was invisible, like it completely had disappeared.


castor oil.jpg

To purchase

I use castor oil on a day to day basis and since mine had gone over data I thought I’d purchase castor oil on Amazon rather than buying from my local Cash and Carry. I’ve been told that castor oil is quite good for growing out eyebrows and eyelashes so I was determined to keep using castor oil for my eyebrows.  The products bottle itself is made of glass which is nice because I do prefer glass for oils but isn’t very long lasting. The packaging itself is very much similar to the rose mask as it’s a similar red colour and has the same logo. The bottle does however remind me of a calpol bottle so it isn’t very appealing to the eye. But it feels very compact so it’s easier to take it with you anywhere, as it can fit in a handbag or a purse so it’s not a problem for travel. Castor oil is only one single ingredient as its 100% pure & cold- pressed Castor oil.

Every night I have used this castor oil on my eyebrows and my eyebrows look as if they are growing out but maybe it’s just normal growth rather than growth from the oil so I’m not sure whether castor oil is doing anything at all. Also my eyebrows still remained oily after sleeping with the castor oil on my eyebrows so It isn’t a very pleasant experience. I’m not sure whether I’ll continue to use castor oil on my eyebrows because I don’t think it works or is doing what it’s supposed to do. Overall, I won’t be continuing with the use of this oil since it’s not as effective as I had hoped.


20160323_155758.jpg  To purchase

It’s a small bottle that reminds me of an ear wax remover bottle but the packaging is quite simple and straightforward. The colour orange has stood out quite well especially on the outer packaging where it shows the brand name. On the front of the rectangular packaging, it says that the vitamin C serum contains only 20% of vitamin C (that seems low), Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and Jojoba oil. I’m not 100% sure as to what Hyaluronic acid however I did do some research before using this product. For starters I have been using this product for around 6-7 days so I feel this was enough to give you the heads up on my first impressions of this product, although it doesn’t seem like a long time to see results, it did seem like enough time to review it though.

I have been using this once a day by applying it before going to sleep and to be quite frank, I’ve not seen any results that would deem representable. I’m not too fond of the smell either which is probably the jojoba oil but I was expecting a lot more from this product that what I’ve seen. I’m not that happy with this product as it hasn’t done anything to my face and yet my face is still very much sensitive and I haven’t seen any reduction of any sort. So overall, this product hasn’t been a very pleasant experience for myself however, if you do intend to purchase this product then do not be put off by my review because everyone’s skin type reacts quite differently to skincare products so this product could work out great for you but for me it just wasn’t what I had anticipated.


argan oil.jpg

To purchase:

I’ll start with the basics of Argan oil so it’s an organic oil which can also be used as a face, skin, hair and nail moisturiser and helps to repair damaged hair or is used as a way to improve the strength of the nails and the cuticles. For the past week, I’ve been using this on my hair and on my nails as I’ve heard that Argan oil is really good for the hair so I have used it mixed with mustard oil and I’m yet to see results. I will definitely update this review when I have washed my hair so bear with me on that. I have been using it on my nails because I like my nails being soft so using Argan oil feels really nice on the nails, it moisturises them and makes them feel a lot stronger. As well as that, the scent is quite nice as it’s not that strong so that’s always a positive for me because I don’t like products that have a huge perfumed smell. Overall, I love this product and will continue to use it and once it has finished, I may repurchase but I’m certain that is product will last a long time because I only use a pinch of it.


I have received these items at a discount or sometimes for free in return for a review. The opinions given are purely my own and are in no way, shape or form biased in regards to how my opinion comes across to potential buyers.


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