Maybelline master drama pencil review

On today’s blog post I’ll be reviewing the luxurious Maybelline master drama kohl liner, what a treat.

This was gifted to me a while back and well why wouldn’t I review it? let’s go on to the review shall we…

(ebay image)

don’t get fooled by the basic packaging of the item, its more far-fetched then that hence why I wanted to review it. It’s mainly a black packaging and some fancy writing of master drama so that really does attract us beauty buyers. At first I thought it was great and pretty much thought it was a great product which you apply on your waterline. Boy was I wrong. So instead i had applied it over my eye like a normal eye liner does and really, it was just a crayon based pencil applicator so I didn’t know what I was expecting. I usually prefer using a wet or matte eyeliner or a felt tip liner so trying this was very different indeed.

I did some swatches which may make it clearer on what the consistency is like when applied so here it is:

(My own photo of the swatches)

it does most definitely apply quite smoothly which is what I really loved about it and that’s why there so many swatches because I absolutely loved it however it did run out and at the bottom of the pencil liner it can twist to get more of the product but no new product had come out so it pretty much meant that I couldn’t use this product any further and it was time to chuck it away and so I did. Overall, it’s a really nice product and if it did last I would’ve fallen in love with the product but the twisty bit didn’t work so what a bummer. Although if you do see yourself buying this product, do make sure the twisty bit works so that you aren’t left in disappointment as I have just been in.


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