Garnier Micellar water Review

On today’s post I wanted to look at the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, seeing it on the shop shelf made me realise that this item is what I need in my makeup draw however, was it really worth the money? what even is a micellar water? so I did my research i.e. watch countless beauty gurus reviewing the product and found out that it’s just a way of taking makeup off, just like a makeup wipe. So I went out and tried out this ‘magical’ product and I had gone and purchased the mini version at 125ml for £1.27 taking into account that there’s a bigger version at 400ml ranging from £3.29 to £4.00 and vise versa.

before I ramble on any further, here’s an image of the actual product:

Thanks to Copyright © 2015 Superdrug for providing an image. better then my crappy camera.

Like any makeup removing product, it doesn’t usually feel that great to use but it just gets the job done and that’s how I felt when I came across this product. it didn’t strike any cords and nor did I feel as if this product was really any good. On top of this product I had to purchase makeup pads which would get the makeup off so that was another cost I had to take into account but it can be inexpensive depending on where you get it from so it wasn’t all that it was portrayed as on social media so it wasn’t much of a surprise. However, I must say that this product is worth the money if it means wearing makeup on a daily basis and the texture of the product on the face was very oily and sticky. The product is said to be used in a way where you can use a moisturiser over it or any other product over it after the makeup has been removed yet when demonstrating this, my skin had felt as if it was going to break out and my skin felt dirty so washing my face was necessary as my skin had felt icky after using it so I’d think twice if I ever want to use a moisturiser after.

Overall, this product can be precious but just don’t expect to fall in love with this product because it doesn’t do wonders but is surely better than makeup wipes so I would recommend this product as it meant that I could take this product with me on the go and it wouldn’t dry out and will remain usable.

That’s it for today but remember:

“It is better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for something you are not”- Andre Gide


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